London underground (tube) maps


TFL map of where London’s trains run

Three versions of the Transport for London (TfL) London Underground tube map produced this year prompted me to post about different tube maps.

The three included maps showing

But actually this kind of post has been done before so instead here are some links (new windows):

You can also buy lots of maps from TfL, showing such things as The Rugby World Cup, the Paralympics, films and music.

Vodafone a joke

web screen grab

Vodafone CEO Jeroen Hoencamp wants feedback

Tax dodging mobile phone operator Vodafone has possibly the worst customer service in the UK.

Having tempted me (a customer since before I was married in 1993) to stay with the phone company after a 2 hour 20 minute web chat, Vodafone then failed to implement the deal it had offered.

Another 47-minute web chat led to Vodafone telephoning my office in a call that lasted more than two hours, yet still the mobile phone company could not honour the deal. Continue reading

Not being secret


East London Lines: first to report academy status

Governors of Prendergast school – the Leathersellers’ Federation of Schools – have refused to provide details under the Freedom of Information Act about their decision to apply for academy status.

Yet they deny secrecy, claiming to have been open and transparent.

The answers they have provided, along with published minutes and replies to emails over the past five months or so, suggest that the timetable of events was as follows: Continue reading

Health websites


Guild of Health Writers

Freelance health journalists should have their own WordPress websites that include photos, images, pictures, audio and video alongside their writing, the Guild of Health Writers heard.

WordPress is a simple-to-use content management system (CMS). It enables freelances to run their own professional-looking website without paying for expensive web design and maintenance. It can costs less than £35 a year. Continue reading

FCA PR queries

screen grab

FCA press office contacts

I don’t believe the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) press office answered my questions at all. Do you? My email correspondence is in this blog.

The FCA is the super-regulator for the financial services industry. It took a public pounding from MPs and a published report last year over briefing a journalist too much information too early. Perhaps it is being over-cautious now.

There’s a less email-heavy version of this on my business website Wheal Associates (new window), which includes more on the FCA’s problems last year.  This post contains the detail of my correspondence. Continue reading

BT complaint fail

recorder and phone

Recording calls to BT complaints

If it were not so painful it would be funny: BT’s “High Level Complaints’’ just tried to insist that complaining about follow-up emails after they belatedly fitted a phone and broadband would have to be a separate complaint.

They did this to try to ensure I could not take my original complaints to the ombudsman. They have retracted. But you can see what they were up to and it is despicable. BT’s CEO Ian Livingston, who was at the heart of this complaint, is to quit and become UK trade and industry minister. Uh oh! Continue reading

BT Business fail

BT logo, reads "you're ready to go"

Not ready: BT failed to provide phone or broadband

BT Business just failed to move my phone and broadband on the moving date. What a useless service. I am now without remote back up.

In June 2010 I blogged about how we set up the remote back-up system and why it is important to back up remotely in the event that the unthinkable happens. And now, because of BT’s incompetence, I don’t have that working. I could lose everything in the next few days. Continue reading

Animal farm


Wellbeloved’s sausage and bacon

After 31 and half years of being a vegetarian, this month, I started eating meat and fish again. It wasn’t a rushed decision. It was something I had been considering for years. And no one thing triggered it. There were lots of reasons.

The first reason for eating meat was that I no longer believed my original premise for becoming vegetarian – that it was morally wrong to kill animals. I had not believed that for many years. But the status quo was that I was a vegetarian and I needed to be convinced to proactively change. Continue reading