Go students go!

I am heading for Southport for the National Union of Journalists’ (NUJ’s) Annual Delegate Meeting (ADM). In 2009 why can’t we get a Vodafone and 3G signal on a Virgin East coast train?

Tomorrow I am running the NUJ student members’ conference. We should have 25 students there. A mix of students of journalism and students journalists working on student media.

In the evening I am running a training course on how we are going to report ADM on our website www.nujadm.org.uk (opens a new website).

Tweaks to make

Still have a template to design and lots of tweaks to make to the website, such as enabling automatic tweets and seeing if we can install this live blogging feature (link opens new window)which might be fun.

I have our Youtube account (link opens new window) automatically feeding into our Facebook account (link opens new window).  We will need to sort out our Twitter account (link opens new window) once we get all the students’ twitter accounts.

No time to blog

I also have to prepare some slides for the training course tomorrow. Best get on with it.

PS. Despite the Virgin Train sign saying that the T-mobile is fast, reliable wireless internet, all I am getting is 122.62 Kbps down and 99.87 Kbps up. I have complained, obviously.

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