Mac attack

One of our Macbook hard drives died this morning, coming on top of all my technical problems earlier.

The Macbook is now in the Mac hospital in Greenwich, otherwise known as Logo Systems (link opens new window). These are great guys who have helped me out when I’ve had water poured down mine, and all sorts.

They configured our server and provide us with support for all our five Macs. The trouble is, an external hard drive on the server that was acting as a Time Machine back-up for the Macbooks fried recently too.

No back-up for emails

We had pencilled in to sort this in about ten days’ time when the server was not due to be used. So that’s no back-up for many of Kate’s emails. Everything else was on the server though and backed-up from there.

The old Powerbook is back in service for a while and no work was lost. We delivered the first draft of the annual report and accounts we have been producing, on time.

Another gripe another day

It would have been useful if Logo Systems had held spare hard drives in stock, as they are reasonably repetitive failure in Macs and PCs generally, but the real issue will be having to reload all the software when we get it back next week.

That’s Quark Xpress and Adobe CS suite and several other bits and bobs that will have to be loaded. Our copies are all legit and paid for (the software costs more than the hardware) – but griping about freelances undercutting us by using pirated software is another gripe for another day.

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