My 1987 CV

front cover of magazineFor some reason, reading Mike Cross’s piece for Daily Finance, reminiscing about the Independent after news that it had been sold for £1, made me dig out my first ever CV.

It is from 1987 and includes my letter to the Independent that triggered my resolve to be a journalist.

The CV was:

  • On the cheapest of paper (you can see the print through it)
  • Printed on a dot-matrix
  • Produced on an Amstrad 1520 (I bought a 1640 when I started work)
  • Juvenile, conceited and arrogant
  • Successful – I started on Electronics Weekly after sending out just 14 CVs and covering letters (I also had another job offer after I had accepted the EW post)

And I got which and that wrong in huge letters on the front page – oh how I cringe now.

I have scanned it in a as a PDF (about 2.5Mb)

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