Spamarrest: online fraud rip-off scam

Spamarrest – a bunch of fraudsters and thieves – have been taking money from me after I signed up for a free trial. They hid how to cancel. It’s a scam. Be warned. I have contacted the police and my bank.

The cheating liars at Spamarrest cleverly make the cancel option not visible on any normally accessed webpage. They have now sent a link to a page where the cancel option is available. But it is hidden on all normal web pages. And the company fails to respond to normal communication. Even its press officer contact draws a blank simply stating:

This is an outdated email address and is no longer checked.

You will not be receiving a reply.

Here are three pages from the standard website:

screen grab

Billing page: menu top left reads: Billing, payments, billing history

web page

Payment page. Top left menu reads: Billing, payment, billing history


Billing history page: menu top left reads: Billing, payments, billing history

Eventually I got an email with a link to stop auto-renewal.


The link in this email send you to a specific page, different to all the others, that allows you to cancel.

The text of the email said:

Hi Chris,

Thanks for writing.

We checked your Spam Arrest account and it was never cancelled that’s why you were automatically renewed. Spam Arrest is a subscription service just like your phone or cable service. If you do not cancel your account, then your account will of course renew when it comes to term. If you don’t wish to renew in the future you will either need to:

1) Turn off auto-renew or
2) Cancel your account

To disable auto-renew, go here:

To cancel your account, go here:

Unfortunately, we cannot offer a refund since your account has already renewed. However, your account will be available for use through 2016-08-06 if you wish to use it. Let us know if you have any questions.

Best regards,
Technical Support Specialist
Spam Arrest

The link takes you to this page – look at the difference in the menu top left:


Menu top left now has an additional item “auto-renewal settings”

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