Tech no no

This morning a power cut brought down the servers, preventing me from posting my early morning news to the content management system (CMS) of the websites for which I write.

But that is nothing compared with the technical no-no yesterday.

A woman sent an explicit and personal email meant for her boyfriend to me by mistake.


They realised as it swished out of their machine and sent another email instantly. They then felt the need to phone me and apologise and plead that I delete it and not read it.

Bizarrely, I only know this person having met her once a motorcycle tyre repairer and swapped details then.

I know a lot more about her now.

Check before you send

Instant electronic communication is great but how many of us have

  • sent an email to the wrong person
  • forgotten the attachment
  • seen a spelling error too late
  • calmed down and wished it had never been sent

Mind you, the email I received was the best so far. All I know is that somebody I have never met had a very nice birthday.

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