Two-horse race

The National Union of Journalists (NUJ) election for the next editor of The Journalists is a two-horse race.

Everyone I speak to tells me this. But each time, the two horses are different. Or at least, one of those horses is different.

Every commentator seems to think it is a race between Rich Simcox and AN Other.

Nice pair

I have it on good authority the race is between Steve Usher and Rich Simcox. But I have it on equally good authority that it is between Mark Watts and Rich Simcox. And so on. Rich Simcox, is, apparently, the candidate to beat.

I had a swift meet with Rich Simcox last night and heard a bit of clarification about his plans (he insists he has been quoted out of context, honestly).

Preference voting

The fear must surely be that if everyone thinks the race is between their candidate and Simcox, they will be urging their voters to put Simcox as 8th preference or leave him off the list altogether.

As explained before, it is will be 2nd, 3rd and 4th (and maybe 5th and 6th) choices that will decide this election.

As a result of my previous posting and a feisty debate on the Fleet Street forum (link opens new window), (link opens new window) is now on the bandwagon.

Worth watching as I’ll be under the surgeon’s knife this afternoon and even more dozy than normal for a day or two.

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