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Retweeted 53 times before 9am Monday

Monday morning must give tweets maximum exposure. Presumably because many Twitter users do not use Twitter at the weekend but start looking on the way to work on Monday or once in the office.

I tweeted a joke on Friday afternoon that was retweeted a bit. But this morning, before 9am, it was retweeted 53 times and seven people made it a favourite. It was still being retweeted as I wrote this. So Monday morning must be the key time to target tweets for maximum exposure.

The joke came from a friend (Cabby) on a motorcycle forum ( but I shortened it to fit within the 14-character limit for Twitter. It read:

Banker, Daily Mail reader & benefit claimant share 12 biscuits. Banker takes 11 and warns Mail reader: “That scrounger wants your biscuit”.

Update: 10.26am : total retweets reached 100. Favourites reached 11.

Updat2: 7.01pm: total retweets hits 150. Favourites reached 20.

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