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Here’s a post-Leveson quote: “Not all journalists are listening in on our telephone conversations or stalking the celebrities that sell their newspapers. Should we actually be looking more closely at ourselves?

Why do we care what Sienna Miller and Hugh Grant are up to? And do we really want our politicians to control the only people who are able to hold them to account? What will be next in line to face regulation? Twitter? Blogs? Democracy?”

And so it goes on in a more positive light:

“Besides, wasn’t it the free press that eventually dragged the phone hacking scandal into the light, where politicians and the law had failed to? On that note can we please leave Auntie alone?

“Yes the BBC has made some mistakes; most organisations of their magnitude probably have, but they are still a great institution, a credit to our nation, and no other broadcaster holds a candle to them.

“When politicians make mistakes, heads at the top rarely roll as they have at the Beeb; it is more often than not a civil servant further down the line that catches the brunt of the flak. How many ministers resigned over the West Coast Mainline franchise debacle?

Who said it? The wine merchant Oddbins in a promotional blog on its website. I’ll raise a glass to that.

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