London underground (tube) maps


TFL map of where London’s trains run

Three versions of the Transport for London (TfL) London Underground tube map produced this year prompted me to post about different tube maps.

The three included maps showing

But actually this kind of post has been done before so instead here are some links (new windows):

You can also buy lots of maps from TfL, showing such things as The Rugby World Cup, the Paralympics, films and music.

Commuter chaos

zebra-painted motorcycle on the Abbey Road zebra crossing

Whealie's zebra at Abbey Road

Commuting into central London for work creates contempt. I hate pedestrians, I hate cyclists, I hate motorcyclists, bus drivers, lorry drivers, taxis and white van man. I hate packed commuter trains, ticket inspectors, Oyster machines that don’t work and I hate Transport for London (TfL).

To really hate all these would cause me to explode. So I have realised that we all need to rub along a bit better. Pedestrians walk in the road, cyclists cross pavements, bikers block cycling lanes, car drivers target bikers, lorry drivers cannot see (or don’t care about) other road users. Get used to it. Continue reading