Thanks for our 50th birthday party

Thanks to everyone who helped make TGLW (The Good Lady Wife – Kate) and my joint 50th birthday happen tonight at the Amersham Arms, New Cross.

Chris & Kate Wheal

Chris & Kate Wheal interrupt The Mud Gods’ practice/soundcheck to say thanks

Most people give a 20-minute speech thanking nearly everyone individually by name. For guests, this is names of people they mainly do not not know. And, inevitably, the thanker always forgets someone who will then feel overlooked and undervalued.

So instead I have blogged about it. I have Tweeted a link and updated my Facebook status. I posted pictures of the party food on Instagram earlier. And as the list is online I can add to it, should I have forgotten anyone. This is a thoroughly modern thank you.

Three special mentions

But there are three groups I will mention in my speech:

  1. All those with birthdays around Christmas. It is always hard to organise a party near Christmas. People have Christmassy commitments and cannot make it. Or they cannot afford it. Or work gets in the way – there are people working this weekend so they can get Christmas off – but if they were working Christmas they’d be having their family Christmas this weekend – there would be no way round it. So I’ll raise a glass and wish happy birthday to all those people.
  2. All the people with sick and dying relatives or, worse still, those whose close friends and family have recently passed away. TGLW and I more than understand why you cannot be with us today. We wish you the best and hope you get to have the best Christmas you can. So I’ll raise a glass to absent friends.
  3. And, lastly, but perhaps most importantly, I’d like to thank all the people who, despite the odds, despite every reason not to come, have turned up to make our birthday such a memorable occasion. Thank you.

That list

(which may be updated if Kate forgot to tell me about anybody):

  • The Mud Gods: Frank, Steve, Andy, Paul, Lorna,
  • Catering: Ros, Petra, Barbro, Char, Sally, Jane, Fiona and Mr Wellbeloved the butcher.
  • Kate’s fashion support: Molly, Fiona, Petra, Saira, Lucy
  • Transport and setting up: Manth, Rosie, Emma, Johnny
  • Hospitality services (putting up friends from afar): Giles & Vikki
  • Organising the Grey Cats: Dave
  • Dog sitting: Dominic & Rosalind
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