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Tweets from #governmentnews are so wrong the person tweeting should be taken out and shot. Journalists should avoid this site because of its inaccurate and misleading information.

Yesterday, 17 January, it tweeted that new donation and funding figures for political parties had been published. This was just baloney.

Twistter screengrab

First the link on that tweet was the wrong link. The link on the next tweet (about a boundary hearing in Suffolk) contained the link required for the tweet earlier.

The Website then said the story had been released that day, but when you clicked for the full release from the Electoral Commission it was dated 25 November 2009 – nearly three months ago.

Screeb grab showing website claiming date of publication as 17 january

Screengrab showing the date on the original was 25 NOvember 2009

I would advise anyone following #governmentnews to unsubscribe. There is no information on the website about who runs it and no contact details. It is so poor I cannot be bothered to investigate further.

It is clearly just an amateur job run by incompetents.

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